The following projects highlight RYAM’s focus on innovation and our BioFuture:

  • Recent investments in renewable energy projects at our Temiscaming and Tartas facilities provide electricity generated directly to the grid. On average, these facilities supply local utilities with over 60 MW of electricity every hour—enough to power over 40,000 homes assuming standard U.S. energy usage.
  • RYAM has recently launched a project to construct a second-generation bioethanol plant at our Tartas facility. This project’s output will help meet the growing demand for non-food-based bioethanol to support cleaner vehicle emissions in line with the European Union Renewable Energy Directive (RED2). The bioethanol produced by this facility is expected to emit approximately 90% less carbon than traditional petrochemical-derived fuels. With an expected annual production capacity of 21 million liters, this second generation bioethanol plant is expected to provide a benefit equivalent to taking roughly 12,500 cars off the road.
  • RYAM is a lead investor in Anomera Inc., a start-up company headquartered in Montreal. Anomera manufactures Carboxylated Cellulose Nanocrystals (CNC), a patented, biodegradable product, with uses in the cosmetics industry and various other industrial applications, including concrete, inks and pigments, polymer composites, coatings and adhesives. This investment provides a new platform for cellulose specialties that leverages the companies’ combined knowledge of cellulose chemistry to develop new markets for cellulose.
  • TemSilk™, developed at our Temiscaming facility, is a new product that is the primary input in the manufacture of Lyocell, a high-purity product that helps our customers produce more environmentally friendly textiles.
  • In partnership with the Georgia Center of Innovation for Manufacturing and the University of Georgia, RYAM has recently demonstrated the usefulness of cellulose-derived prebiotics in poultry feed enabling a potential new method to support sustainable poultry farming and provide an alternative nutrient to enhance poultry health.

RYAM will seek further opportunities to leverage its core knowledge of transforming the renewable into the remarkable to drive incremental value in its BioFuture.